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We are delighted to bring you this edition of our newsletter, highlighting our community’s remarkable achievements, and vibrant cultural events.

Our lead story celebrates Emeka Nnadi, a distinguished Nigerian Canadian architect and community leader, who was honoured with a park named after him in Winnipeg. His contributions to architecture and philanthropy have left an indelible mark, and this recognition is a testament to his lasting impact on our community.

In another inspiring feature, we honour Dr. Timi Ojo, who was celebrated as one of CBC Manitoba’s top 10 Future 40 under 40 finalists. Dr. Ojo’s dedication to science, innovation, and community service exemplifies leadership and commitment, making us proud.

We also reflect on the success of Niaja Market Day, a joyous celebration of Nigerian culture that brought our community together through food, fashion, and crafts. This event, along with the recent Father’s Day celebration and Johnny Drille’s unforgettable concert, underscores the strength and unity of our community.

Looking ahead, we invite you to the Yoruba Festival 2024, a celebration of unity and diversity within our rich cultural heritage. We also remind you of the upcoming NAMI Annual General Meeting and offer important information on passport renewals.

Thank you for being part of our vibrant community. Please stay connected with us for more updates and events.

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Emeka Nnadi Honoured with Park Naming in Manitoba

We are thrilled to share the inspiring story of Emeka Nnadi, a distinguished Nigerian Canadian whose remarkable contributions have been recognized in a significant way. A park in Winnipeg’s south end has been named in honour of Emeka, celebrating his legacy and impact on the community.

Emeka Nnadi is a testament to the power of hard work, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence. As an architect, his visionary work has shaped the skyline and Winnipeg’s community spirit. His designs reflect a deep understanding of aesthetics and functionality, making spaces that are not just buildings but integral parts of the community.

Beyond his professional achievements, Emeka is a leader in the community, known for his philanthropic efforts and commitment to fostering a sense of unity and purpose. His involvement in various community projects has not only made a lasting impact but also set a high standard for future generations to aspire to, enriching the lives of many and inspiring future generations.

The decision to name a park after Emeka Nnadi is a fitting tribute to his contributions. Parks are spaces where communities gather, children, play, and memories are made. It is a place where his legacy will continue to inspire, serving as a constant reminder of the positive impact one individual can have on the world around them.

This honour is a recognition of his professional achievements and, his role as a community builder and a beacon of hope and inspiration. Emeka Nnadi’s story is a powerful reminder of Nigerians’ incredible contributions to their new homes, enriching cultures and strengthening communities.

We, as a united community, extend our heartfelt congratulations and gratitude to Emeka Nnadi for his contributions and for being a shining example of excellence and dedication. His story, as reported by CityNews Winnipeg, is a source of collective pride, and we are excited to see his legacy continue to inspire and uplift our community.

You can read the full article on CityNews Winnipeg for more details on this remarkable story.

The Nigerian Association of Manitoba Inc. (NAMI), together with the entire Nigerian community in Manitoba, is dedicated to celebrating and supporting the achievements of individuals like Emeka Nnadi. We are committed to fostering a sense of unity, promoting cultural heritage, and highlighting the achievements of Nigerians in Manitoba.

Celebrating Nigerian Culture at Naija Market Day in Winnipeg

3 weekends ago, Winnipeg, Manitoba, was infused with the vibrant spirit of Nigeria during the lively Niaja Market Day. Organized by Abiodun Adetu, the event provided vendors an opportunity to showcase a variety of Nigerian goods, from mouth-watering food to stunning fashion, offering Nigerians in Manitoba a delightful taste of home.

The market featured an array of traditional Nigerian dishes, including jollof rice, suya, and puff-puff, delighting attendees with authentic flavours. Fashion stalls displayed colourful Ankara fabrics, elegant agbadas, and beautifully adorned gele headwraps, allowing attendees to purchase unique, culturally significant attire. Vendors were majorly Nigerians but also featured Eritrean, Caribbean, and our friends from the filipino community as the aim of the market is to foster unity while showcasing entrepreneurs from the African community.

In addition to food and fashion, vendors offered handmade crafts, jewelry, beauty products, and artwork, celebrating Nigerian heritage and craftsmanship. The event fostered a strong sense of community, bringing together families, friends, and newcomers to share their shared culture’s joy. Omotoke Adetu, the Naija Market Day conveyor, expressed her joy at the success of Niaja Market Day. “Our goal was to create a space where Nigerians in Manitoba could come together, celebrate our culture, and support our local vendors while introducing our market experience to the Manitoba community,” she said

Niaja Market Day was a heartwarming reminder of home for many and a testament to the strength of the Nigerian community in Manitoba. Thanks to the efforts of Adetu and the participating vendors, the event has become a cherished highlight, celebrating Nigerian culture, community, and entrepreneurship in Winnipeg.

In attendance were dignitaries like Uzoma Asagwara, Terry Duguid, Obby Khan, Tyler Blashko, and Elders of the African and Nigerian communities.

Celebrating Dr. Timi Ojo: A Pillar of Innovation, making Nigerians proud.

The Association of Nigerians in Manitoba (NAMI) proudly celebrates Dr. Timi Ojo, who was recently honoured as one of the top 10 Future 40 under 40 finalists by CBC Manitoba. Dr. Ojo’s contributions to science and his community highlight his exceptional dedication and leadership.

After immigrating from Nigeria to Winnipeg in 2009, Timi quickly became a vital part of the community. He volunteered during the H1N1 clinic, led the University of Manitoba’s Graduate Student Association, and served on the University’s Board of Governors. His postgraduate work led to the creation of Manitoba’s first automated soil moisture monitoring network, crucial during the 2011 flood.

As the provincial agrometeorologist, Timi expanded the Manitoba Ag Weather network, significantly benefiting agricultural production. His collaboration with NASA on the SMAP satellite further advanced global soil moisture data. Now, as the acting manager of Crop Production, Timi coordinates a prairie-wide initiative assessing crop disease risks.

Timi’s commitment extends beyond his professional achievements. He started a year-end sing-along event raising funds for Manitoba Harvest and authored the children’s book “Jo’s Super Skates,” inspired by his daughter’s adventures.

Dr. Timi Ojo exemplifies innovation, leadership, and community spirit. His contributions significantly impact Manitoba, and NAMI is delighted to celebrate his remarkable achievements.

For more on Dr. Ojo and other Future 40 finalists, visit CBC News.

2024 Father’s Day event

On Saturday, June 15th, NAMI hosted a fantastic celebration in your honour. Fathers from our community came together at an exclusive city location for a day filled with relaxation and camaraderie.

The event was all about pampering our hardworking dads. From delicious food to engaging activities, everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Laughter and heartfelt conversations filled the air as fathers mingled and shared their experiences of fatherhood.

Photographs from the day capture the joyous moments shared among fathers and their families, showcasing the warmth and appreciation for our dads.

Thank you to all the fathers who joined us and made the event a memorable success. We truly appreciate your presence and look forward to more gatherings that celebrate the invaluable contributions of fathers in our community.

Stay tuned for more updates and upcoming events from NAMI!


Passport Renewal Information

For those of you whose passports will be expiring in a year of less and would like to renew your passports, now is the time to begin your application.

There will be NO passport intervention in Manitoba this year, so in order not to be in a bind, we advise that if you fall within the following categories please start your application immediately:

– Student permit renewal

– ⁠Work permit renewal

– ⁠PR applications

– ⁠Travel related renewal

Appointments at the High Commission now have a 4-5 month wait time, so the earlier you begin the process, the better.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send a email to

How are you, my friend? Johnny Drille Thrills at Concert.

This past weekend, Winnipeg had the pleasure of hosting famous Nigerian musician Johnny Drille for a spectacular concert that left the audience spellbound. From the moment he took the stage, it was clear that the evening would be unforgettable.

The soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics resonated deeply, creating an atmosphere of unity and joy. As he moved through his setlist, the crowd was treated to favourites like “Wait for Me” and “Shine,” each performance more captivating than the last.

The night’s highlight was undoubtedly when Johnny performed “Romeo and Juliet,” a song that had everyone swaying and singing along (Even ShakeSpear would have been swaying). The emotional depth of his music was evident, touching on themes of love, family, and resilience. Another standout moment was his rendition of “My Beautiful Love,” which had the audience joining in chorus, creating a beautiful sense of community.

It was a fantastic evening that showcased not only Johnny Drille’s immense talent but also the rich cultural heritage of Nigerian music. The concert was a testament to the power of music to bring people together, transcending borders and creating lasting memories.

The concert was organized by Wedge Entertainment and Trending Rhoda Entertainment supported by NAMI.

For those who missed this incredible event, keep an eye on our newsletters and social media channels for future opportunities to experience the magic of Nigerian entertainment here in Manitoba. Johnny Drille’s performance was a reminder of the universal language of music and its ability to inspire, unite, and uplift us all.

As you know- NAMI dey for you!

Calling all caregivers!

Calling all caregivers! Join us every Monday for ‘Creativity for Caregivers’ at our drop-in from 9:30-11:30 AM. Enjoy a morning of self-care and creative expression with Art City, snacks and childcare provided!

Have questions? Contact Linda at:

204-979-2833 or

More details here

Elmwood Community Resource Centre is hosting two newcomer support groups

Let’s Continue To Support Nami Scholarship Fund, Thank You!

NAMI appreciates a model that guarantees funds to the scholarship for our youth in perpetuity. We sincerely thank those who have donated, and we also encourage others to do the same. All year round, we encourage people in our community to visit The Winnipeg Foundation website to donate with a minimum of $10 to NAMI Scholarship Fund at the link here to support our community youth education which was inaugurated last year. “Make this donation in celebration, honour or memory of someone.” Thank you!

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If food security is an issue, “Food for all Program” is a Food supply for all season. An initiative of C.A.C Rehoboth Christain Centre in partnership with Peace Wholeness Centre. See poster for details and more contact information or visit websites below. Thank you!

Scholarship Oppurtunities:

Bank of Canada Scholarship Award for Post-Secondary Students

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About the scholarship program

These CAD $8,000 scholarships are awarded to assist students with disabilities, Indigenous, LGBTQ2S+, Francophone and those who identify as a member of a visible minority group or racialized group to help remove barriers to education and support greater diversity in our workforce.

In addition to the award, successful candidates may be offered a work opportunity at the Bank, with mentorship by a Bank employee.

To be considered for one of these scholarships, you must:

  • be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident
  • be pursuing post-secondary studies (University or College) – either full-time or part-time – in a field related to the Bank’s work, including:
  1. Economics and Finance: economics, computer science, mathematics or statistics, commerce or business administration with a finance major
  2. Administration and Operations: financial services, administration and business, project management, human resources, accounting, communications and web development, internal audit, currency production, knowledge and information management, security

Information Technology and Cyber Security: software development, network engineering, solution architecture, project management, business analysis, cyber security

  • have an overall average grade of 70 percent or higher
  • must be enrolled in a post-secondary institution for fall 2024

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